Wednesday, February 29

Exployees havin fun

OMG........SSSHHHHH.... don't tell anybody but employees at Simply Scrapbooks blow off steam sometimes on Sundays while we are closed. You would think there is a lot of creative juices flowing and some amazing things beings created.........NOT!!
Go Katie...Go.....

They were playing the Wii.....I know it looks like Katie should be blowing Karisa out of the water...but that is inacurate .....YEAH Karisa. She beat everyone that competed against her.
 Wow....our fearless leader concentrating hard on her project. What can I say....when she is focusing, she focuses but she makes a HUGE mess taking up 4

So the next time you drive by on Sunday and you think " Awe it's closed....We might be inside having a Wii workout :-)

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Julie Jordan Scott said...

I love this photo/blog post. It makes me want to come on down!!! (Actually, I was planning to come on down, anyway. I need some alphabet stamps for an art project).

Lets say, this just reinforces the desire!