Thursday, February 9

CHA-Day 3

Day 3....Started the day out by instead of being excited I'm starting my day a lil tired. I forgot my cell phone back at the place we were staying. My first thought was of panic. I will be disconnected from everyone the whole day......uuuugh. Wait, no one can bother me or interupt me or say no to anything. YEAH! today is my day to do all the things I WANT to do.  I went to Theresa Collings boothe and did her make in take. Her new lines are beautiful. I hope Lauries orders it ALL!!

I went to LaLa Land to do their make in Take. It was so cute. Did any of you know it is extremely hard to color while 10 women stand over you watching and waiting for you to finish so it can be their turn????.....I Do!!!
LaLa Land Stamps