Thursday, June 26

June 28th is Everything Inque Day!!!

June 28th is Everything Inque Day!!!

Come in Saturday, June 28th for “Everything Inque Day!”. Inque Boutique has posted a special coupon on their website for 20% off your entire purchase or order of Inque Boutique product! Coupons are limited to one per person, per store. Don’t miss an awesome sale on the new Inque Boutique goodies. Stamps, chipboard, paper and more await you!

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Cricut Jukebox Cartridge Station Pre-Sale!!!

If you haven’t heard the news yet, checkout this blog posting straight from Jackie with Provo Craft:

Raise your hand if you like accessorizing. Is your hand up?? I thought so! Well it’s time to add a cool new accessory to your Cricut machine: the Cricut Jukebox™ cartridge station.
This brilliant new device makes working with multiple Cricut cartridges a snap! Simply insert the Cricut Jukebox plug into the cartridge slot of your Cricut machine. Insert up to 6 cartridges into the Cricut Jukebox core unit. Then press the button on the core unit to select the cartridge you’d like to work with, and make your cutting selection like usual. When you want to switch to another cartridge, instead of going through the whole swapping process you can just press another button to select the next cartridge. Done and done!

This handy little device is a dream come true when working with the Cricut DesignStudio software! If you’re like me and you’re only content designing a cut with the software that uses 5 different cartridges, then you can cut it out a whole heck of a lot faster with this timesaving unit.
Do you know what else is great? You can connect up to three different core units so you have 18 cartridges at your fingertips (literally!). Then stack up the core units to make a power tower of your cartridge collection. You can even store the handbooks and overlays of the 6 cartridges you’re using in the base of the core unit. So you save both space and time… now this is an accessory that really sparkles!
The Cricut Juk
ebox cartridge station works with all Cricut machines and all Cricut cartridges.

Simply Scrapbooks is now accepting pre-orders! Reserve yours today for $79.99!!!

Sutherland Twins: 5 Months Old Update

Hello Family and Friends,

I forgot to do a 5 month update and a couple of you have been asking – so here’s the Sutherland Scoop:

The girls are doing great. They are eating well and falling into routine really well. We are enjoying them more and more each week.

Felicity weighs 11lb., 2oz.
Charity weighs 10lb., 8 oz.

As you can see from today’s pictures, smiling is their new skill and they love to exercise this newfound skill with us (Charity left and Felicity right). They seem to especially like to smile when the camera flash goes off. They are already used to having the camera in their faces all the time. So as soon as the flash goes off, they smile. Additionally, they now respond to us with cooing and love to interact with smiles. What a true miracle these moments are for us!

Felicity is particularly good at this new smiling thing. Last night while she was supposed to be going to sleep, she was wailing. When I went in to calm her down, she immediately stopped crying and smiled at me!! Hmmm, is she that smart already? (Don’t tell daddy or he will increase the required minutes on the cry it out plan…)

Both girls currently have ear infections – Felicity in one ear and Charity in both ears. Last night, Charity’s ear drum burst, so she will need to be watched closely over the next 10 days. There should be no long-term concern for hearing as the ear drum will grow back into place. The sad part is that Charity is our calm baby (if you remember the “Dave” story, she is definitely our Dave – very easy going most of the time). So, she didn’t even cry when her ear drum burst.

We hope you are all well. We enjoy hearing from you. We hear often that people don’t want to call and bug us. We won’t answer if we can’t, but we love to have the distractions of a phone call or a trip to Starbuck’s with you.

Blessings to you,
The Sutherlands

Escape to Mexico Crop!!!

Saturday, July 19th

No time for a Siesta, were having a summer Fiesta!!!

-Authentic Mexican food including chips and salsa and fresh Mango tea

-Altered Sombrero Contest- Grab a sombrero from a local party store and give that baby a makeover! Alter/Decorate to your liking, bring with your to enter in contest. Prizes will be awarded in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Any theme applies.

Join Simply Scrapbooks and your friends for a summer night of food, fun, and Scrapbooking. It’s party time Amigos!!!

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Wednesday, June 18

Simply Scrapbook's Bookclub

Join the Simply Scrapbook's Bookclub!

This unique book club is a place for scrapbookers of all levels to come learn and share with each other. It runs in three-month sessions and includes kits full of fabulous product. Each is put together by a different member each month and focuses on different techniques. For each three-month session we work out of a different trade book that is voted on by the members of the club. New members are welcome at the beginning of the session. Members of the book club will get sneak peaks of new product and upcoming events. This is a great place to share your passion for scrapbooking and to meet new friends. Come share your creativity with us!

$30.00 for 3 sessions
Bookclub meets on the 3rd Tuesday
of every month @ 6:00pm
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Design Team Entries!!!

Click on Collage to Enlarge!!!
From left to right...#1, #1, #2, #2, #3, #3, #4, #5, #6, #6, #7, #8, #8, #9, #9, #10
Please email your votes to
Limited to one vote per person a day.
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Wednesday, June 4

Truly a Sale like No other!!!

Summer Stock up Sale
Tuesday through Thursday!
Laurie is at the beach so we are having a summer sale! It is your chance to stock up on your favorite scrapbook supplies.

!!!This truly is a sale like no other!!!

· 100 sheets of Bazzill cardstock for $39.99 Excludes specialty edged & shaped Bazzill paper

· 100 sheets of Bazzill Bling for $59.99

· 100 sheets of single – sided patterned paper $49.99 (regularly priced @ $.69 a sheet)

· 100 sheets of double –sided patterned paper for $69.99 (regularly priced @ $.89 a sheet)

50% off Valentines , Halloween, Christmas paper and embellishments
30% off on:







**Excludes newly released product, Limited to stock on hand, no punch card on sale items

Last but not least, each day we will have surprise items on sale!!! This is a summer sale you don't want to miss! Time to stock up on everything hot at the coolest deals ever!!!

PS- Last call for the bus trip!!! Only a few spots left. Trust me you don’t want to be left behind. For more information and to check out our previous Bus Trip post and reserve your seat on our website today. Bus leaves Saturday, June 7th bright and early!!!

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