Tuesday, April 24

Weekend Fun

The weekend was sooo much fun! I think everyone ate more then they scrapped. The weekend was filled with laughing, food, great friends and a wonderful time had by all. Everyday had fun make n takes with great gifts. The raffles were fun filled with anticipation. I can't wait for NSDB #2. Another great weekend to be had by all. This weekend to come has been sold out since January. We aim to please, starting with the theme based inviation that will be going out in the mail tomorrow. To Be Continued......

Store decorations for NSBD #1

This theme was super cute. I couldn't wait to see what everyone thought about the store. Here was a little glimpse into what they experienced.
Entering into Tuscany.
Simply Scrapbooks wine barrels of its own private reserve.
The table markers and name badges were too cute.
Everyone was very impressed and excited about the weekend fun.

Getting ready for NSBD #1

It was so fun setting up for NSBD #1.The store closed at 6pm on Thursday and not to open back up til 4 pm on Friday This weekend was a fun theme. Can you guess what it was?
Not really...huh? Well let's just say it does have wine involved....:-)

OMG one of the grapes fell and attacked Tina's neck......GROSS. But it did keep us laughing even though we were getting tired the later it was getting during set up. But wait....has anyone seen our fearless leader???
Oh here she was...setting up more vines. Be Careful Laurie, I would hate for you to get attacked too. It not only makes the employees really tired setting up but sometimes they get hurt.
Jana was taping up our window displays and The packing tape got out of control and landed on her lip. Did you know that if you pull packing tape hard it will rip the skin off your lip??? NO??? Neither did Jana until the damage was done. But she later was feeling better. But you never know what is gonna happen during set up of our big crops.....to be continued.........

Wednesday, April 18

Another fun Sunday

This last Sunday we had a store meeting to get ready for National Scrapbook Weekend coming up. But did anyone know that our fearless leader Laurie is getting a puppy? YEAH...... puppies are the best! So guess what showed up at our meeting??????.........You guessed it......PUPPIES

This is Beebe!

This is Rocky....who loved Karissa by the way.

This is Pepe......Laurie's new puppy. He is 1lb. 3 oz. Isn't he cute?

Needless to say it was hard to get work done, but when the puppies took a nap we were able to finish up. We are soooo excited about NSB weekend coming up. WHO knows???? Maybe the puppies will show up again. Please stand by for more updates.  Have fun creating!

Tuesday, April 17

March Classes

OMG.....who talked me into teaching two classes in March. But oh wait.....both on the same day. That Laurie.......I won't be taking suggestions from her again. HAHA........ I had two very fun classes on March 17th that I taught. Students had a great time. We did all walk away with finished products and a lot of laughing.
The First class in the morning was a lot of fun. It was a full class with a great group of women.

Our fearless leader concentrating on putting the book together,which is hard when you're a little OCD....SSSSSHHHH don't say you heard it here...lol
What the heck Kristi.......REALLY....should you be posing, when you should be putting your book together??? Never missing an opportunity to be a ham :)

A few of my favorite people.....Lourie, Lauren, Debra and Kate. All were hard at work putting their masterpiece together.

My afternoon class was full as well. This class was full of techniques and comedians.....:)
It was a lot of fun to have our Ashley in the class.
Kathleen was a friendly face to have in class....or at least it normally would be, but put her next to Laurie and forget it.....lol

This class would not have been complete without these party animals, OH and Laurie
Overall, the day was filled with fun, laughter, scrap booking and time with good friends.

Exciting Experiences

Hello all...as I promised I'm back to catch you up on what has been going on while I was moving. One day while working Tina and I decided to go to lunch with Katie. We decided to go to Chinese and then all of a sudden we both thought...NO WAIT...Japanese food sounds good. Then our little Katie states that she has never experienced Japanese. I MUST share these pics..............
Katie is soooo excited to use her cheater chopsticks!

Katie screamed when the chef made a big flame,,,,,She startled everyone in the restaurant.

Katie was amazed by this mound of butter. So much so that she made me take a picture....lol

It was definitely a lunch to remember. I just had to share with you all. We have fun no matter where we go.
Hello all you scrappers....It's Cat! I'm sooo sorry I have been out of commission lately. I have been moving houses and it has been hectic. This is also why you haven't seen much of me lately at the store either. But I'm back and ready to post some really cute pictures of things that have been going on for the last few weeks....I promise. Definitely come back to check them out.
But for now.....EXCITING NEWS!!! I'm attending this weekends NSBD! Yep you heard it. I will get to play with you all. If you are not signed up...we do have 3 spots left I believe. It is soooooo much fun. It starts Friday when the store opens up at 4pm. It's all weekend long. There is going to be gifts, prizes, make n takes, and wonderful food, and laughing, laughing, laughing. Oh yeah, and probably some scrapping as well...lol.Come play with us! Call today and request to sit by me. I can't wait to share all the fun I will be having. See you soon. Have FUN Creating!

Wednesday, April 11

National Scrapbook Days Celebration Nearly Here!

Have you heard the excited buzz around the store lately? We can barely contain ourselves as we have been busy-busy-busy planing another legendary NSBD Celebration for you, our guests! We can't wait to share the wonderful things we have in store for you! We still have a very few seats available if were thinking you might want to join us, you won't regret it! The fun starts Friday April 20 4:00pm till midnight, continues all day Saturday 8:00am till midnight and runs through Sunday April 22 10:00am till 6:00pm. Fabulous food, wildly creative make-n-takes, 32 hours of cropping with your friends, gifts and prizes all included in the $150 ticket price. Sign up today!