Wednesday, February 29

Exployees havin fun

OMG........SSSHHHHH.... don't tell anybody but employees at Simply Scrapbooks blow off steam sometimes on Sundays while we are closed. You would think there is a lot of creative juices flowing and some amazing things beings created.........NOT!!
Go Katie...Go.....

They were playing the Wii.....I know it looks like Katie should be blowing Karisa out of the water...but that is inacurate .....YEAH Karisa. She beat everyone that competed against her.
 Wow....our fearless leader concentrating hard on her project. What can I say....when she is focusing, she focuses but she makes a HUGE mess taking up 4

So the next time you drive by on Sunday and you think " Awe it's closed....We might be inside having a Wii workout :-)

Tuesday, February 28

So much stuff.........

I'm at work today and I feel soooo overwhelmed. I want to spend, spend, spend!!! It's crazy all the new product that's around me. There's Graphic 45, Echo Park, Authentique, Prima.......Oh MY! I want to play, play, play. Can anyone out there call in to the store and get me sent home for the day, so I can play with ALL my new scrap stuff?????? I need HELP.... Is there a scrapers anonmous???? I probably need to admit myself soon. The only thing is....I know there are a bunch of you out there who need to be admitted along with me. Should I name names?????? know who you are.......

Tuesday, February 21

February's Scrappy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you.....I had soooo much fun friday night at the Scrappy Birthday Crop! We had 15 or so people celebrating the month's birthdays. We did have two very special ladies celebrating that night, Tracie Hulson and Connie Gallardo. A very Happy Birthday to both of them! We laughed and laughed all night and  oh yeah, I think we scrapped a lil too. :-) Can't wait to celebrate next month's birthdays........................

Tuesday, February 14

We Love our Customers!!

OMG Laurie is feelin the LOVE!! She is running a sale all week til Saturday the 18th. 30% off all stamps, ribbon by the yard and spool, Doodle Bug card bases and accessories, valentine's stuff, punches and flowers. Whew........... and 40% off 12x12 paper pads and layout and card kits. But WAIT....that's not ALL..... 50 % off I-top tools and accessories and Epiphany Craft tools and accessories. Hurry...Hurry....Hurry.... before it's all gone. I'm picking my stuff out tonight when I get off work...or maybe at my lunch break because I can't wait til Peace Out!

New Product Mania

Calling ALL Collectors........We are getting in soooo much cute new product it's out of control! We have 4 new lines from My Minds Eye, 4 lines from Theresa Collins, and 2 new Authentique lines. I'm soooo excited I can't stand it. I feel as if I don't want to work, clean, do laundry....just scrap and play all day. Wouldn't life be so much easier if this were true??? Oh well, I'm working today on this glorious Valentine's Day, come down and play at the store with me. See you soon!

Thursday, February 9

CHA-Day 3

OMG...the computer crashed and wouldn't let me continue to post. So anyways, I also went to Greeting Farm boothe. They had some absolutely adorable stamps. I loved the journal they had on display. I can't wait for the new stmaps to come in.
I also got to meet Donna Salazar. I did a quick ATC card with her. Then went over and won a prize from the Silhouette bothe...YEAH! Now, all I need is a Silhoutte, oh and $300.00 to buy
We ended the day at My Mind's Eye boothe. Their new lines are totally cute. Did I tell you the men working at the boothe weren't bad to look at either....:-) Then headed back to look to see what else needed to be ordered for the store with the girls.
Peace out......

CHA-Day 3

Day 3....Started the day out by instead of being excited I'm starting my day a lil tired. I forgot my cell phone back at the place we were staying. My first thought was of panic. I will be disconnected from everyone the whole day......uuuugh. Wait, no one can bother me or interupt me or say no to anything. YEAH! today is my day to do all the things I WANT to do.  I went to Theresa Collings boothe and did her make in take. Her new lines are beautiful. I hope Lauries orders it ALL!!

I went to LaLa Land to do their make in Take. It was so cute. Did any of you know it is extremely hard to color while 10 women stand over you watching and waiting for you to finish so it can be their turn????.....I Do!!!
LaLa Land Stamps

Monday, February 6

CHA.....End of Day 2

After lunch, went to Graphics 45. Their new lines are amazing. The boothe was so cutely decorated, so much so I felt like I had been zapped back into the 1920's. Ladies, I CAN NOT wait for you to see the new lines, they will be coming into the store very soon! Just wait til you see what the Graphics 45 design team has done now.
Look at this cute flower made from zipper ribbon at the Maya Road boothe. They had such cute ribbon..... I WANT it ALL!!!! But I have been known to have a ribbon addiction (lol). Any other addicts out there????
Maya Road zipper ribbon

A few of the girls and I had fun at the Jillibean boothe. While an order was being made we made mustache flyers and were being silly.


I think these pictures speak for themselves. (Talking in a deep voice)....We are ready for a shoot out.....(lol).
Til tomorrow...Peace out

CHA....Day 2

I'm starting this off with an apology. I got so excited with all the new ideas and techniques that I saw at CHA and I got lost in my scrap room and didn't get back to the blog :-). Back to business, my adventures continue. Day 2 and I'm a little tired but still very excited. We got in the doors early due to meeting one of our sales reps. to order new products. That was exciting in itself because I missed all the rolling bags. Well except for our very own Katie(lol). When you enter the doors it's just so overwhelming. There are soooo many boothes and not enough time. It's like you have to schedule your day in advance. There are make n takes at certain times, drawings at certain times, special appearances at designated times, this is not including potty breaks, lunch breaks and smoke breaks for you know who.(thought to myself, is this my day off???) I'm more exhausted now and we just entered the building...WHEW!!! First off to Prima to see my new best friend, Donna Downey. I love her! She inspires me. She was doing a make n take at Prima with gelatos. Not ice-cream but just as yummy. She is a mixed media guru. Her new products you will LOVE. SSHHH.....don't say anything but I heard that she might be coming to the store to teach a class...HOLLLLA....let's keep our fingers crossed.

Donna Downey at Prima
Next I went to Ranger and as's the MAN!!!
Tim Holtz at Ranger
I'm surprised this poor man could breathe. Every time I went by he was surrounded by people trying to get close to him. Good thing he is not claustrophobic......just sayin.
Then met up with the girls to see what they were up to. They had gone to DCW without me. That wasn't so bad but then they took a picture without Kristie and I......HOW RUDE (just sayin). See below, in my opinion it might of been even cuter if we were in it as well......
Katie, Karisa and Tina at DCW boothe
Well Everyone, need to get some things done and I will be back with more adventures soon.....
Peace Out.

Saturday, February 4


Ok Ladies, I have been so excited to share my adventures at CHA. I had no idea what to expect. I was like a child the night before Christmas. When we walked in, my mind was goin crazy. So much to see, so much to touch, soooo much to do! But the first lesson I learned was to be careful not to get run over by all the rolling bags people were pulling around with them in their hustle and bustle. But the worst offender was our very own Katie. I can't tell you how many times she ran over me, bumped into me, or simply kept dropping her bag in front of me...... I love Katie :-). That first morning was systems overload. I saw Tim Holtz at Ranger and he is so adorable. That day I couldn't get too close to him due to all the groupies. Really I was jealous and wanted to be a front row groupie as well. Then I went to see what was all the commotion at the Ideology booth and they were doing a watch piece make n take. It was super cute but the line was gianormous. I stood in line for 45 minutes and it never moved. Heck no... too much stuff to see, had to move on to something else. But don't worry ladies, I did go back another day and was able to complete it to have a sample for the store. Next was lunch time. Another lesson that was fun to learn. I stood in the lunch line and got a yummy baked potato and a soda. As I went to the cashier, who was super friendly as she smiled and said, that will be $18.25. WHAT THE HECK!!!! Are we on a potato shortage??? ( I thought to myself, No time like the present to start a diet.....just kidding.) The rest of the day was collecting catalogs at all the different booths to see what we should order for the store. I was so pleased that my new shoes were comfy cause that first day i put a lot of miles on them.
Check back this afternoon for continued adventures at CHA......Peace out!

Friday, February 3

Look who's blogging

Oh no they didn't...... let Cat have access to the blog!!!! Watch out scrapbooking world, here she comes. "I'm coming out....I want the world to know.....That I'm a *&x^% (singing to the music). Cat here, and I am SOOOOO excited to start blogging!!! Please stand by everyone and check back to hear about my experiences at CHA..... Peace Out!!!!