Monday, February 6

CHA....Day 2

I'm starting this off with an apology. I got so excited with all the new ideas and techniques that I saw at CHA and I got lost in my scrap room and didn't get back to the blog :-). Back to business, my adventures continue. Day 2 and I'm a little tired but still very excited. We got in the doors early due to meeting one of our sales reps. to order new products. That was exciting in itself because I missed all the rolling bags. Well except for our very own Katie(lol). When you enter the doors it's just so overwhelming. There are soooo many boothes and not enough time. It's like you have to schedule your day in advance. There are make n takes at certain times, drawings at certain times, special appearances at designated times, this is not including potty breaks, lunch breaks and smoke breaks for you know who.(thought to myself, is this my day off???) I'm more exhausted now and we just entered the building...WHEW!!! First off to Prima to see my new best friend, Donna Downey. I love her! She inspires me. She was doing a make n take at Prima with gelatos. Not ice-cream but just as yummy. She is a mixed media guru. Her new products you will LOVE. SSHHH.....don't say anything but I heard that she might be coming to the store to teach a class...HOLLLLA....let's keep our fingers crossed.

Donna Downey at Prima
Next I went to Ranger and as's the MAN!!!
Tim Holtz at Ranger
I'm surprised this poor man could breathe. Every time I went by he was surrounded by people trying to get close to him. Good thing he is not claustrophobic......just sayin.
Then met up with the girls to see what they were up to. They had gone to DCW without me. That wasn't so bad but then they took a picture without Kristie and I......HOW RUDE (just sayin). See below, in my opinion it might of been even cuter if we were in it as well......
Katie, Karisa and Tina at DCW boothe
Well Everyone, need to get some things done and I will be back with more adventures soon.....
Peace Out.

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