Saturday, February 4


Ok Ladies, I have been so excited to share my adventures at CHA. I had no idea what to expect. I was like a child the night before Christmas. When we walked in, my mind was goin crazy. So much to see, so much to touch, soooo much to do! But the first lesson I learned was to be careful not to get run over by all the rolling bags people were pulling around with them in their hustle and bustle. But the worst offender was our very own Katie. I can't tell you how many times she ran over me, bumped into me, or simply kept dropping her bag in front of me...... I love Katie :-). That first morning was systems overload. I saw Tim Holtz at Ranger and he is so adorable. That day I couldn't get too close to him due to all the groupies. Really I was jealous and wanted to be a front row groupie as well. Then I went to see what was all the commotion at the Ideology booth and they were doing a watch piece make n take. It was super cute but the line was gianormous. I stood in line for 45 minutes and it never moved. Heck no... too much stuff to see, had to move on to something else. But don't worry ladies, I did go back another day and was able to complete it to have a sample for the store. Next was lunch time. Another lesson that was fun to learn. I stood in the lunch line and got a yummy baked potato and a soda. As I went to the cashier, who was super friendly as she smiled and said, that will be $18.25. WHAT THE HECK!!!! Are we on a potato shortage??? ( I thought to myself, No time like the present to start a diet.....just kidding.) The rest of the day was collecting catalogs at all the different booths to see what we should order for the store. I was so pleased that my new shoes were comfy cause that first day i put a lot of miles on them.
Check back this afternoon for continued adventures at CHA......Peace out!