Tuesday, April 17

March Classes

OMG.....who talked me into teaching two classes in March. But oh wait.....both on the same day. That Laurie.......I won't be taking suggestions from her again. HAHA........ I had two very fun classes on March 17th that I taught. Students had a great time. We did all walk away with finished products and a lot of laughing.
The First class in the morning was a lot of fun. It was a full class with a great group of women.

Our fearless leader concentrating on putting the book together,which is hard when you're a little OCD....SSSSSHHHH don't say you heard it here...lol
What the heck Kristi.......REALLY....should you be posing, when you should be putting your book together??? Never missing an opportunity to be a ham :)

A few of my favorite people.....Lourie, Lauren, Debra and Kate. All were hard at work putting their masterpiece together.

My afternoon class was full as well. This class was full of techniques and comedians.....:)
It was a lot of fun to have our Ashley in the class.
Kathleen was a friendly face to have in class....or at least it normally would be, but put her next to Laurie and forget it.....lol

This class would not have been complete without these party animals, OH and Laurie
Overall, the day was filled with fun, laughter, scrap booking and time with good friends.

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