Tuesday, April 24

Getting ready for NSBD #1

It was so fun setting up for NSBD #1.The store closed at 6pm on Thursday and not to open back up til 4 pm on Friday This weekend was a fun theme. Can you guess what it was?
Not really...huh? Well let's just say it does have wine involved....:-)

OMG one of the grapes fell and attacked Tina's neck......GROSS. But it did keep us laughing even though we were getting tired the later it was getting during set up. But wait....has anyone seen our fearless leader???
Oh here she was...setting up more vines. Be Careful Laurie, I would hate for you to get attacked too. It not only makes the employees really tired setting up but sometimes they get hurt.
Jana was taping up our window displays and The packing tape got out of control and landed on her lip. Did you know that if you pull packing tape hard it will rip the skin off your lip??? NO??? Neither did Jana until the damage was done. But she later was feeling better. But you never know what is gonna happen during set up of our big crops.....to be continued.........

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