Wednesday, April 18

Another fun Sunday

This last Sunday we had a store meeting to get ready for National Scrapbook Weekend coming up. But did anyone know that our fearless leader Laurie is getting a puppy? YEAH...... puppies are the best! So guess what showed up at our meeting??????.........You guessed it......PUPPIES

This is Beebe!

This is Rocky....who loved Karissa by the way.

This is Pepe......Laurie's new puppy. He is 1lb. 3 oz. Isn't he cute?

Needless to say it was hard to get work done, but when the puppies took a nap we were able to finish up. We are soooo excited about NSB weekend coming up. WHO knows???? Maybe the puppies will show up again. Please stand by for more updates.  Have fun creating!

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