Sunday, March 8

Basic Grey all year long!!!

Basic Grey has created it's gorgeous new Page of the Month classes using the latest and greatest of everything Basic Grey. This is your time to create beautiful "All about Me" pages. We are sometimes so busy recording the events of our children and friends that we forget to step in the lime light ourselves. Basic Grey wants to put you in front of the camera for once and spotlight the wonderful things about you and your life on your pages.

Every month the layout subject will change. Basic Grey will cover themes such as, "My Favorite Things" to "And This I Believe", to even "A Letter to Myself" at the end of the year. These are sure to be creative, thought provoking, honest pages about the most important person in your! This is a creative adventure you don't want to miss.

Basic Grey Classes will be taught by Carrie Martin who will be happy to humour you along your creative journey. Carrie will be sure to feature fun techniques with an interesting use of your favorite Basic Grey product.

Carries next class titled, "A Day in the Life" is scheduled for
Tuesday, March 24th at 6pm-9pm
Click here to sign up now!

Keep your eye out for the April class!!!

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