Friday, March 7

My Crazy life...(Via Cortney's Adventures in China)

Subject: my crazy life...
Hello friends and family-

I know I haven't written in a couple of days, I have been so busy. So as you all know this past week was my first week teaching. It was exhausting. I now have more respect for teachers....I don't know how you do it. Everyday felt like a battle with those kids. I don't know if I was getting weaker or they were getting stronger. I don't feel like they learned anything. I however, am learning a great deal about patience. you need mass amounts of it if you deal with kids on a regular basis. We teach everyday except Sunday's and Monday's. Normally, mondays are EVERYONES least favorite day, because it's the beginning of the have to go to work. blah blah blah. Monday is now my favorite. It is a relaxing day, where I don't have to even think about teaching. So overall it was a tough week. I had a few classes that went well. Our head teacher said that everything we are feeling is very normal. All of the past teachers have been exhausted, overwhelmed and frusterated their first week. When we first arrived here in Hefei we were all given assignments. So and so is in charge of church, this person is in charge of FHE (family home evening on monday nights), this person is in charge of all of our travels. I was assigned to be the official "party planner." me right? So I am in charge of throwing parties for the kids who are having birthdays here. Except Aleksi is planning mine...because I don't want to plan my own birthday. lame. By the end of the week we were all so tired and drained from teaching, I decided that we should have a " Made it through the week alive" party or a " I didn't chuck a kid out the window" party. So on saturday night we all got together in my room and hung out, listened to music and ate a bunch of junk. We had planned to play games but when it came down to playing them we all decided we didn't have enough energy to even do something fun. So we just talked. It was well needed.
Today ( Monday) we had the day off so we all decided to go to the Hefei Wildlife Park (zoo). It was a lot of fun. Their zoo is very big and apparently the animals take Monday's off too because in practically every exhibit the animal was laying on the ground asleep. It was funny because we would be walking around looking at all the animals taking pictures and then we realized that all the chinese people were doing the same thing but with us. haha..they were just staring and snapping pictures left and right. One guy was recording us for awhile. We had a couple groups of people come up and ask to take pictures with Aleksi and I. It was hilarious. I felt like we should have been behind the glass sleeping and they could have taken pictures and watched us. ok...sorry so short but I am late for dinner. I love you all!-cort

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