Friday, March 7

I almost got robbed!!! (via Cortney's Adventures in China)

Subject: I almost got robbed!!!!!! (I'm OK mom)
Alright, so yesterday evening was crazy/fun/scary. These 2 boys that came through the ILP program a couple years ago, came back for a visit/business trip. There names are Daniel and Jamar. They are super cool and very, very helpful. They knew where all the cool stores and places to go were. So after lunch we met in front of our school gate and hopped on a bus to "temple street." "temple street" is just a cool little street packed full of vendors trying to get us to buy their stuff. Aleksi, Aubrey and I went off on our own and made plans to meet up with the others later. We started looking at these purses that were knock offs...dolce and gabana, chanel, luis vuitton. I decided that I wanted to get here comes the bargaining and it turns to a calculator. She typed in 90 yuan (13 or 14 dollars)..then I typed in 45. She yelled something at me in Chinese then typed in 80. I said "ti gue la" ( too much). She gave me a nasty look and typed in 70, I grabbed the calculator and typed in 45 again. This continued on her going down by 5 or 10 and me staying at 45. I kept saying too much, too much in Chinese and I started walking away and she yelled at me and nodded. Agreeing to my 45 yuan ( 6 dollars). I could have gone lower, but for my first official haggle I was quite proud. After about an hour on temple street we hopped on another bus to go to "walking street". Walking street is A LOT cleaner and has more stores rather then vendors. It reminds me a little of new york, because it has all these huge flashing advertisements everywhere. It was very, very cold last night so all of us were very bundled up. Aleksi and I were in the back of the group and we were walking with our arms linked. My purse which I am always very careful with was in between aleksi and I. I all of a sudden got this really weird feeling and I looked down at my purse and there was someone elses hand trying to unzip my zipper, I hurried and turned around and there was the Chinese guy (haha..obviously) probably in his early 20's RIGHT behind us. I slapped his hand off my purse. I was in total shock that I just caught this guy robbing from me. I pushed him and said " are you freaking kidding me?!?!" haha..Aleksi and I ran up to catch up with the rest of the group and told them what happened. We were all a little scared. It was Insane. Luckily, I caught him before anything got taken. Anyway, crazy night...but I am ok and I ended up buying another super cute purse and bought like 20 dvd's for less then a dollar each. jealous? i know, i know. I do not know how I am going to come back to the states and buy anything full price. we were all joking last night that we are going to be in target or something and haggling with the cashier..."ti gue la, ti gue la!!" Alright, well I have to go jump in the shower, I teach the 3 year olds in an hour. (haha...that rhymed.) love you all...and Im ok!!!- cort

ps. I am sick of people not emailing me back...come on family and friends IM IN CHINA. I need to hear from you!!

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