Tuesday, March 18

NSBW Session Dates and Times:

For those of you who were lucky enough to grab a spot at our 3rd Annual National Scrapbook Weekend here is a little reminder of the session times:

Friday, April 25th
Session One: 4pm to Midnight

Saturday, April 26th
Session Two: 8am to 4pm

Session Three: 4pm to Midnight

Sunday, April 26th
Session 4: 10am to 6pm

See you there!!!


Anonymous said...

1st time on your website and I'm trying to watch and LISTEN TO, Tim Holtz's Demo Videos.

I can't hear Tim because of the music on your website. How can I stop your background music so that I can hear the host on the Demo Videos??

Rose Thompson (whobrose@aol.com)

Cheeziemommie said...

So bummed I didn't get in on this in time :( I am on the waiting list though! And crossing my fingers and saying prayers everyday that I can miraculously get in hehehe