Thursday, January 29

The Real Stars of CHA!!!

As we all know, the true stars of CHA were definitely the designer releasing all of their beautiful new creations and of course the buyers running around like chickens with their heads cut off with so much to choose from. It was a lot of work on both ends, but well worth the exciting things to come.

Most all of us were lucky enough to meet and snap some photos with a few of our favorite designers, Tim Holtz, Heidi Swapp, Jenni Bowlin, Anna Griffin, and even Deborah Norville if you can believe that! Some of them were even gracious enough to give us a video interview of some of their new collections. We can't thank them enough! We are still editing so look for more to come. Here is a video of our own Elisa and Heidi Swapp demoing her new Invisibles line.

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Wilda said...

So cool!
She is so sweet and pretty!
Lovely, very down to earth scrapbooking celebrity!