Monday, January 26

Odd but true...

After a few hours of painful waiting on our part, Miss Hilton herself finally graced this years Winter CHA with her presence. Hilton's new Craft and Scrapbooking line, "The Paris Creativity Line" was released this Sunday. The convention was a complete mad house! The swarm appeared to be mostly picture snappers rather than buyers at this point, but they definitely meant business. Unfortunately, our girls didn't get a chance to hit her with the hard questions such as; what her favorite adhesive is , or who is a designer she admires. (I'm sure the answers would be interesting!) Still, the Simply Scrapbook Girls fought the crowd risking limbs and eyes to try and grab a few shots of Hilton and the collection for you. Much to their dismay, the girls were rushed in and out with no shots allowed. Here is what we could pull up for you. Be sure to check out the video we found of Paris's er...interview of her new line including our own Beatrice with the star herself!

***all accounts are a dramatization for entertainment purposes!
Really we all thought we were waiting in line for Hedi Swapp!!! :)

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