Thursday, July 31

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Each month we will showcase one of our wonderful Simply Scrapbooks employees so you can get to know a bit about them and their scrapbook style.


Wilda's beautiful Family:

I was born in Maguez, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a beautiful Caribbean island with a lot to offer. It is rich in kindness, hospitality and warmth of our people…small in diameter and big in heart.

I grew up like a regular girl, lots of childhood memories, surrounded by family, and having fun during my summers with cousins and friends. I went to college and decided to be an Elementary Teacher, because of my love for kids. I learned a lot and I worked for a year teaching 1st graders in an Adventist Academy back in my hometown

While I was studying, I worked as a switchboard operator in a local hospital in PR to help myself with school and living expenses and I had the pleasure and honor to meet a lady whose name is Noris. She introduced me to the world of scrapbooking Oh and I got hooked pretty much from the get go. I Love the art of collecting memories and moments for others in the future. I Love the freedom that everyone can do the same in different ways.

So what made me leave Puerto Rico to go to California, that’s a whole different story. To make it short and sweet…I met my husband online through a friend. Things happened and I decided to move to Phoenix, AZ with a hometown bff. Before I got settled in my new life, I decided to come to Bakersfield and meet Patrick for just “a week”. Little did I know…I ended staying in Bakersfield and going back to AZ 2 months after to pick up my stuff. Patrick stole my heart and after 7 ½ years of knowing each other, 5 years of marriage and 2 sons, I believe that God had all this very well planned.

I love working at Simply Scrapbooks, because it is like coming to my personal oasis. I feel everyday like a kid in a candy store. I love, and I mean really love, to help each one of our costumers and it has been a blessing to me given the pleasure of serving new costumers and familiar faces, as well as working with such a group of quality and unique, creative staff. It has been an awesome experience. I love what I do

A few of Wilda's beautiful designs:


candra said...

This is awesome! I love Wilda's designs!

Anonymous said...

Wilda, you have a great talent! Your creations are beautiful and unique.