Thursday, May 22

Sutherland Twins: 4 months old!!!

Hello Family and Friends,

Today marks 4 months of life for our beautiful girls. We are in the midst
of sleep training them so that we will get some sleep soon. It is one
constant loss-of-sleep party, but we love having them home with us.

There aren't many changes to report from last month - milestones will be
slower than they were with Trinity. The doctor tells me that they will
"catch up" to full-term kids by about age 2.

Enjoy the photos - # 1 is Felicity, #2 F is left and C is right and #3 is
Charity. Aren't they gorgeous??

Big sister continues to adjust. She asks me about once each week, "Mommy,
why did you make two babies?" Hmm, I am wondering the same thing...

We are in awe of God's grace as we look back on how far they have come.
Thank you to those who have prayed, those who have provided meals and to
those who have come help us. We are forever indebted to you during this
huge transition and we thank God for you.


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