Tuesday, May 6

Sutherland Twins: Felicity's Surgery

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for your phone calls and emails about Felicity’s surgery. We went to LA 2 weeks ago and she definitely needs surgery. The surgeon said it is very common for premies and the chances are likely that Charity will need it as well.

The laparoscopic surgery is scheduled for this Tuesday, 5/6 at noon. We will drive to LA that morning and will spend the night with Felicity in the hospital on Tuesday night. She will have to be back on all monitors for 24 hours post-op to make sure she is breathing well.

We really liked the surgeon and the hospital has been very organized. We are encouraged that this is moving forward quickly and grateful that Bo’s parents are here to care for the other two girls.

If you think of us, please pray for travel to LA on Tuesday am, safe and complete surgery and full recovery for our little girl.

On another note, these teenie tiny girls are growing like weeds! Felicity is now 7lbs., 5 ounces and Charity is 6lbs., 15 ounces. They are the size of “real” babies – praise God! (that’s Felicity on the right in the photo and yes they both fit in one bouncy seat)

Thank you for your prayers!



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