Monday, January 31

CHA Sneak Peek #6: Tim Holtz Goodies Part 1

It's no surprise that Tim came out with a large array of great new products! His big creative brain came out with so much goodness that I might have to publish multiple posts just to show you all the cool stuff we ordered! First off he added so many goodies to his collection! Number pieces, vintage hangers, and even kraft resist paper! That's right! He designed a whole paper pad filled with kraft colored paper that has a special resist! That means you are able to customize your paper to any level you want with paints, mists, inks, and so much more! He also created a new tool that drills through soft metals. Uh, HELLO jewelry makers! We were able to test this out in person and it's so easy to work with! His new Core paper and sticker sheets are also fantastic! Stop by the store Friday and Saturday to get some great discounts on pre-orders!