Friday, February 12


Check out these awesome paper flowers Laurie and some of the girls made during last weeks make-n-take. It is so simple, all you need is a paper towel or tissue paper, glimmer mist and scotch liquid adhesive.
how to make them.....

1. tear a 4-6'' circle out of your paper ( doesn't have to be a perfect circle)

2. spray it with glimmer mist to the desired color or shade, leaving it wet.

3. squeeze a nickle size drop of scotch liquid adhesive on your craft mat.

4. place your wet paper on top of the drop of adhesive so that the adhesive is in the middle of the paper.

5. pinch and twist (where the paper and adhesive meet- in the middle) until it starts to form into a flower

6. repeat steps 1-5 and layer the flowers with scotch adhesive.

7. dry with heat gun.