Wednesday, April 22

Online Cookie Swap!!!

Just for fun...

A friend had mentioned that her and her son had a plan to spend the summer baking cookies together. A new cookie recipe every week. The idea being to spend quality time together, make an adorable mini album to record and remember their creations...and to eat cookies!!! I thought this was an amazing idea and would love to hear and share your all time favorite cookie recipes. Spill those secrets ladies!!! A prize will be awarded to one randomly chosen recipe poster. Winner will be announced on Mothers day! We promise this will be a sweet one!

Simply Scrapbook Staff

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Cheeziemommie said...

I have the Martha Stewart Cookies book so there are PLENTY of yummy recipes in there but are absolute favorite cookie(not really a cookie) snack are a recipe that I got from none other than Becky Higgins! They are Pretzel hugs and they are just pretzels (the twist kind), a Hershey kiss hug, and 1 or 2 m&ms! They are so yummy and I like to use seasonal colored m&ms as an added bonus :) Here is Becky's link:
And here is one of mine: