Thursday, February 12

Simply Scrapbook's Tip of the Month...

Simply Scrapbook's Tip of the Month:
Adhering your die cut Titles

As some of you know, getting the individual letters from your Cricut (or any die cutting device) into a perfect title can be tricky and a bit messy. Here is a no fail method:

Supplies Needed:
Removable Tape
Adhesive Pen

How To:

Position your letters on your layout how you want them. Using the right length of removable tape, place tape directly on top of letters to pick them up. Peel tape gently off of layout and flip over to the negative side. Apply your glue pen to the back of the letters. Flip tape back over and place title back in desired place on layout. Rub gently for a few seconds and slowly remove tape...Voila!! A perfectly placed title. This method can also be used for small embellishments and such.

Happy Scrappin!

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