Friday, August 22

Sutherland Twins and Family

Dear Friends and Family,

Today marks 7 months of life for the twins and they are such a joy for us! Here are a few updates:

  • Both girls are almost 14 pounds – a huge difference from their 2 ½ pound birth weights
  • Both girls have found their giggles – they love to interact directly with anyone who will stop and smile and talk.
  • Both girls are learning to roll over – they are getting closer each day
  • Felicity is our “more expressive” one. She loves to let us know about her high highs and her low lows. She will give Trinity a run for her money in the “expressive” department. A potential career for Felicity will be live drama – perhaps Broadway??
  • Charity is the watcher/thinker. She doesn’t have as many highs or lows to let us know about. (This is exciting for daddy as he can relate better to “Dave”)
  • Big sister is doing really well with the girls. She is taking more interest in them and can’t wait to be able to play with them.

Photos are #1 – Felicity #2 - Trinity and Charity and #3 - Charity

We hope you are well and look forward to hearing back from you.


Nancy and Bo

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Anonymous said...

Why do I tear up every time there is a new post about these beautiful babies?
Thank God they are with us.