Thursday, June 26

Cricut Jukebox Cartridge Station Pre-Sale!!!

If you haven’t heard the news yet, checkout this blog posting straight from Jackie with Provo Craft:

Raise your hand if you like accessorizing. Is your hand up?? I thought so! Well it’s time to add a cool new accessory to your Cricut machine: the Cricut Jukebox™ cartridge station.
This brilliant new device makes working with multiple Cricut cartridges a snap! Simply insert the Cricut Jukebox plug into the cartridge slot of your Cricut machine. Insert up to 6 cartridges into the Cricut Jukebox core unit. Then press the button on the core unit to select the cartridge you’d like to work with, and make your cutting selection like usual. When you want to switch to another cartridge, instead of going through the whole swapping process you can just press another button to select the next cartridge. Done and done!

This handy little device is a dream come true when working with the Cricut DesignStudio software! If you’re like me and you’re only content designing a cut with the software that uses 5 different cartridges, then you can cut it out a whole heck of a lot faster with this timesaving unit.
Do you know what else is great? You can connect up to three different core units so you have 18 cartridges at your fingertips (literally!). Then stack up the core units to make a power tower of your cartridge collection. You can even store the handbooks and overlays of the 6 cartridges you’re using in the base of the core unit. So you save both space and time… now this is an accessory that really sparkles!
The Cricut Juk
ebox cartridge station works with all Cricut machines and all Cricut cartridges.

Simply Scrapbooks is now accepting pre-orders! Reserve yours today for $79.99!!!

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